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The Ward-Guardian relationship at Guardianship Solutions is measured by enhanced quality of life and integrity. We adhere, at all times, to the National Guardianship Association Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice as well as Colorado law governing the duties of guardianship.


We have a small practice so we can build and develop meaningful relationships with our Wards, ensuring that we improve the quality of their daily life experience.

Each Ward-Guardian relationship begins with a three step introductory period including:

1.  Individual – meeting the Ward and assessing their needs and decision making faculties.

2.  Medical – evaluating health care records, including all physician records and past hospitalizations.

3.  Social – completing a psycho-social assessment and speaking with any neighbors, friends, family and fiduciaries who have been involved with the ward prior to the initiation of the guardianship.

Individual Plan

At the conclusion of the introductory period, we create a plan for the Ward that includes short-term and long-term objectives. Short-term
objectives are generally geared towards safety and health needs. This may include arranging for much needed medical care, addressing safety
in their current setting, obtaining needed supportive equipment for the home, or moving to a new home. We address hygiene, diet, and
wardrobe as part of the initial assessment. Often times, we will establish new social activities, which may include the addition of a companion to spend time with the Ward. Long-term objectives include monitoring overall health and adjusting the care to the Ward’s needs. Additionally, we will pursue socialization and volunteer opportunities as appropriate.

The Ward-Guardian relationship plan details recommended bi-monthly visits to assess the Ward’s status and response to the ongoing care plan. Our written care plans are maintained and updated quarterly and with status changes. External audits are completed in compliance with the NGA standards. This structured and open policy enables us to (1) monitor the Ward-Guardian relationship, (2) meet the objectives of the care plan and (3) provide on-going guardianship that promotes our core values of enhanced quality of life and integrity.

The Guardian-Ward Relationship

As a guardian, we are available to meet the needs of our Ward without fail. Towards that end, we utilize a team approach when needed. We are registered nurses and well educated advocates that work closely together to ensure that our Ward’s needs are met.

Decision Making

Ward’s are encouraged to participate in decision making to the fullest extent of their ability. In situations where a Ward’s decision making faculties are severely limited, we consider the desires and personal values of the Ward in making decisions on their behalf. We review any prior living will or directive in addition to discussing their needs using the “five wishes document” as a guide to these conversations. Decisions of a more critical nature are managed with input from the Ward’s physician and family when available and appropriate. This approach ensures that our choices for the Ward are the most prudent and without subjective bias.

Industry Leaders

All Guardianship Solutions advocates are held to the highest standards in working with our Wards. These standards are monitored by annual reviews of our practice, performed by an external consultant and, fortified by our ongoing training and certification through the National Guardianship Association.

Guardianship Solutions Guardians

Karen Buchanan, CEO, is a registered nurse with over twenty-five years of combined healthcare experience in the areas of
guardianship, nurse-care management, and hospital intensive care units. Ms. Buchanan has delivered lectures on her approach
to guardianship and nurse-care management in Denver. Her continuing education includes attending seminars and
conferences in best practices and new approaches to guardianship and care management. She has served the professional
healthcare community by involvement on boards including Western Region Chapter of the National Association of
Professional Geriatric Care Managers, National Guardianship Association and Colorado Guardianship Association. She is a
Certified Care Manager and a National Certified Guardian and member of the National Council on the Aging. We work in the
following counties: Arapahoe, Jefferson, Douglas and Adams.

Karen Buchanan, RN, BSN, NCG

Founder and CEO